Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Would Be My Favorite!

Here at South, there are literally activities to do almost every single night like just last week a man known as "The Regurgitator" came to South for a special event by Jaguar Productions and next month two of our sororities on campus have their annual events of Songfest and Alpha Male. With everything going on, there is almost no reason to be bored on this campus; all you have to do is just get involved with it!
But with everything going on here, there are always those favorite events that you love participating in each year. For me, my favorite event is homecoming week. During homecoming week, we have the parade, Junk the Jungle, the homecoming carnival, and, of course to wrap up the week, the homecoming game. It's so fun to be involved with your organization and help build the homecoming float. I actually was able to do this my sophomore year with the Pre-OT Club on campus, and it was so much fun to paint and pomp with all my friends. Later that week, some other JagGuides and I got together and went to the carnival - the most fun part of homecoming next to the game. There are fun games, fun photo opportunities, and, this particular year, there was a magician that ended the night with his crazy but amazing show. Plus if you sign in to the carnival under your club or organization, it gives you points toward your club's homecoming score.
My friend and I had our silhouettes made at the carnival. How cool is that?! 
No matter what activity you choose on campus, the most important part is to get involved! You'll make some awesome memories, and maybe even have a favorite one you are sure to attend each year.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OT: Way To Be!

As I mentioned in a past blog, I recently started my first year of graduate school for occupational therapy, and so far, I am loving every minute of it because I know I will need everything I learn when I have clients of my own in the future. That being said, I bet you can guess what kind of class my all-time favorite class at South was? Yep, an OT class - more specifically OT 201. While that is not one of my real  OT school classes, it did give me the foundation I needed to be where I am today. So, why is it my favorite class ever? Well...
It all started my freshman year when I realized that physical therapy just was not going to be "my thing" in life; that was when I first heard about and looked into occupational therapy. Since I didn't have a clear foundation or idea what OT really was, I decided that taking this class would give me my answer - was this what I wanted to do, or was I about to change my major yet again? Obviously, since I've already told you the end of the story, I loved the class! The class material covered all aspects of OT as well as the process of becoming an OT student, and I found myself loving the field more and more each day.
But, surprisingly, the material wasn't the best part of the class! My favorite part was my professor (who is actually my professor again now) - Mrs. Sasse. Like her name says, she is a sassy, fun-loving, passionate teacher who exudes love of the OT profession. Her real-life stories from her clinical experience as well as her experience as a South OT school graduate made everything we learned come to life because she had experienced it herself and used that as her basis of teaching us about OT. After all that has happened since that class, I can honestly say that I would probably not be where I am right now, as an advanced undergraduate OT student, without taking OT 201 and meeting Mrs. Sasse. She ensured me, as well as the other student in our class, that if we truly pursued our dream of being in OT school that  we could and would achieve that goal and go on to become wonderful OTs in the future.

*fun times in OT school so far!*
So if you think occupational therapy may be for you, I definitely encourage you to make the time to take OT 201; it truly will be a huge asset to you when applying to OT school.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We Got That Spirit!!

"We got that spirit! So come on let's here it! S-P-I-R-I-T!" School spirit - whether it's for football, basketball, soccer, baseball, whatever, everyone has it, and there are many ways to show it. You can scream for your favorite team on the tv or wear your school colors. You can even yell a quick "go team!". Other school's may have their favorite team sayings (like something about rolling or another something about war), but I can promise you that nothing will warm your heart more than a prideful "GO JAGS!!" (You can give it a try. I promise it's true!)
With this week being our homecoming week (#clashoftheclaws14), it's only fitting that I tell you about what I feel best represents South Alabama school spirit - pre-game tailgating with all of your closest friends. Why is that my favorite you ask? Well, first off, there's food, and who doesn't like game day food?! Personally, my friends and I have mastered the art of making most foods either red or blue to fit with our tailgate theme, and then, there's the smell of grills and barbeque filling the air that simply cannot be matched. Next, there are games, and I don't know about you, but cornhole and game day go hand-in-hand in my book. Lastly, there's the comradery between the students and fans alike. Rest assured if you tailgate before a South game at Ladd, almost every single person (whether student, long-time fan, alumni, staff, or faculty) walking by will greet you with a good 'ole "Go Jags!" It literally just does not get any better! Then, all of Jag Nation walks over to Ladd and cheers our Jaguars on to victory. Believe me, if it's something you have yet to be a part of, you are definitely missing out. "We're number one! Second to none! N-U-M-B-E-R ONE!"
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Experiences With New Friends

College is full of new and unique experiences. Believe it or not, no matter the school you choose to attend those experiences will be different from one's you would have experienced elsewhere at a different school. But new experiences are a wonderful thing, and that's what makes college life so much fun.
So, what was a unique South experience for me? Well, it may seem kind of cheesy to some people, but just stay with me here. My unique South experience would have to be having to meet all new college friends. And yes, I do mean having to. After choosing to attend South Alabama, I realized no one I knew from home or anywhere was planning on coming down here; in fact, all of my friends were planning on attending almost every other school in Alabama except South. For someone who had had the same big group of friends since elementary school, the whole "having to make all new friends because you now have none" thing was way outside of my comfort zone. But my family helped me our by telling me a quote maybe you have heard as well: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." For such a small quote, those are some huge words of wisdom! My first little beyond my comfort zone experience was talking to people sitting around me in class, and that lead to meeting their friends. Those lead to going to club meetings with them and meeting even more people, and then if you have a job (on campus or off), you make even more friends. Basically, it just keeps going on and on until you suddenly realize you have tons of wonderful people to make the best memories with. And now, by this point in my college career, I have no problem meeting new friends, and surprisingly, I actually really enjoy it!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What To Do?!

Hopefully, at this point in the year, the infamous high school senioritis hasn't kicked in too much because there are still things to do for your next step in life. In just a few short (and I mean really short because it will fly by before you know it), you will be starting a brand new chapter as a member of the class of 2019. By now, I'm sure you've wondered what exactly should you be doing now to prepare for college in the fall. Well, have no fear; I have just a few ideas and tips to help you out...
  1. Make a list of colleges that interest you.
    • What do you want in a college? One that has a great program for what you want to major in? One that has an awesome sports team that you love? One that's close to home so you won't have to be far from family? Whatever it is that you want, find some schools that meet that criteria and look into what they have to offer you as a student.
  2. Think about what career path you might like.
    • Whether its becoming an artist or becoming a doctor, at some point in life, everyone has thought of "what they want to be when they grow up." So what interest you in life? From saving lives to capturing the beauty life has to offer, find something that interests you and look into the different kinds of programs offered at each different school.
  3. Go visit colleges.
    • When I say this is incredibly important, I definitely mean it. You will never get the full experience of how you will fit in at a school until you physically go there, so do it!!!! From my first visit to South's campus, I knew this was the school for me, and it could be your deciding factor as well.
  4. Take your ACT/SAT.
    • If you haven't already done so, this is another crucial step. Your ACT/SAT not only helps you get into college, but that's what scholarship committees look at as well. So study hard, get a good night's sleep, eat breakfast, and ace that ACT/SAT!!
  5. Apply for everything!!
    • Apply!! Apply for colleges, scholarships, housing, clubs, everything! Applications are the only way you can get the acceptance or award. Make sure you look at your deadlines too! There is no worse feeling that completing an entire application only to realize that it was due last week (trust me).
While all of these tips are super important, my most important advice is to have fun!! Your senior year is one of the most fun times of your life, so make the most of it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Best Time Is Free Time

As a high school student, you probably sometimes think, "Free time? What? Between school, my job, sports, studying, and other extracurricular stuff, I don't have any of that." However, as a college student, free time is pretty plentiful since you probably only schedule about 3 hours of class a day leaving 21 hours to do whatever your heart desires. This idea of "free time" was so foreign to me when I came to South. Like what is one to do with literally 90% of their day being free?
This is where a very important new skill emerges - {{time management}}. While it is super fun to watch tv or Netflix, go shopping, hang out with friends, play sports or video games, or whatever it is you like to do all day long, you can't forget the important things that you have to do like study for that test on Friday, do your math homework that's due at midnight, or start writing that 10 page English paper for next week. The biggest helper I had for helping develop some basic time managing skills was getting a planner. Any kind of planner will work - the tiny kind that can fit in your backpack, the dry-erase one you can stick on the wall, or even using the calendar on your cellphone. This way you can plan when you have class, club meetings, game days, beach days with friends, study and homework time, and everything else you want and need to do. Personally, I am super picky about my planners and actually have three of them (major time managing right here) - a book one to take to class, a dry-erase one I look at all the time, and one on my cell phone. While you don't have to go to my extreme, it is a great idea to bring a planner with you to college and just give it a try to see if it's something you could keep up.
A wise person once said, "Time is precious; waste it wisely." Find some good time managing strategies that work for you, but don't forget to schedule in some fun every now and then too.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

HEY! Go Jaguars!!!

Football season. If you're from any of the Southern states, football season is pretty much considered an actual true season right along with spring, summer, fall, and winter. Though our South Alabama team is still relatively new to the sport, that hasn't stopped us from making some pretty big strides in the football realm; in fact, we've even played teams as big as Tennessee, Troy, and Tulane (which we played in the Superdome)! Of course with all of these great games, there's always the fun memories you walk away with at the end of the night.
For me, my favorite football memory happened my sophomore year. It was the first EVER South Alabama-Troy game, and for those of you who don't know, Troy is our rival, so it was a huge deal! All of my friends had planned our first tailgating party complete with tons of yummy food and a good ole game of cornhole. Everyone was having so much fun until it happened...rain. Like all good Mobilians, we simply got under the tent and crossed our fingers that it would stop. To our complete surprise, it stopped! We (like everyone else there) grabbed our pom-poms and sprinted to the stadium to get good seats. But, of course, right when the game started, it started raining...again! Since we were already soaked, we decided to stick it out for our Jags! In the end, we did lose 31-10, but none of us remembered that minor detail.
A few good football memories!
All-in-all, that was the most fun football experience of my life! Win or lose, the most important aspect of it all was having a blast with my friends and sticking it out, rain or shine, with #JagNation!